Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lake Mary Fishing Report 5/31/12

So, yesterday I had the honor of fishing with a legend, Randy Browning.  I coaxed him into going up to Lake Mary which is about a mile hike from the base of Brighton Ski Resort.  We left our houses at like 5:15am in hopes to get there and be fishing before the fish even knew what had hit them for the day.  We hiked up on the designated trail (yeah right, it was tough to see so we roughed it a little) and got to the lake around 6:45am.  Here is a video from the hike up.  I got a new GoPro head mounted camera so I was testing it out.

It sure was a beautiful morning!

When we got there, I took a few pics of the scenery.  It was cool to be up there so early, it was quite peaceful.

After we rested a bit, we rigged our rods up and hit the water.  There was still some ice on the lake but you could tell it was just a matter of time before it all came off.  We started throwing purple and black wooly buggers to try and catch some brook trout.  We kept those on for about an hour without a bite.  Randy switched over to a brown beadhead scud and caught about a 12 in brookie.  I was a couple hundred yards away from him so I didn't get a close look at it but anyone who knows what a brook trout looks like, they are beautiful fish.  I switched flies and put a couple diff rigs on to find out what they were eating on and could not find any luck.  Randy and I both searched the shoreline under rocks to see if we could see what the fish were eating but we did not see much.  Our best guess is that the fish in that lake eat minnows and do not focus a lot of their energy on bugs.  Who knows though...maybe it was just an off day.

Here are some good  basic flies you can check out:

Here is another video of my trying my GoPro out...

We had a lot of fun but we ended up only catching the one brookie.  We only fished for a couple of hours though too so maybe we should have stayed longer?  We both had to get to work anyways but what a way to start out the day?  Later that afternoon I spoke with the DWR about the fishing regulations and tried to get the inside scoop with that lake.  I called the DWR Springville office and talked to the guy that stocks Lake Mary, he said that they put 5k brookies in there every year around July 1st.  When they stock them they are 3 in long and they just fly them in.  He said they have not stocked lake trout for over 40 yrs!  Anything goes up there, there are no regulations.  He also said he saw a 9lb lake trout come out of there last year when they surveyed it.  Still going to try and dig deeper to find out how to catch them.
Jimmy Sorenson


  1. Umm you are wrong about there being a "anything goes" in regaurds to regs up there. State wide bag and posession limits apply up there! You may keep 4 trout total and no more than 2 may be lake trout. If the lake is not listed in the proclimation than the posted rules above apply.

    Private lakes, ponds, etc are exempt but none of the Brighton lakes are private.

    Keeping just one trout over the limit in Utah can cost you $300!

  2. Troy, when i said that there are no regulations i was referring to whether or not someone has to use flies and lures only up there. I have heard that people have success with bait up there and that was why i was calling the DWR. Thanks for your post though, do you go up there and fish at all?

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