Friday, April 22, 2016

Midge Magic! Kolob Reservoir - April 14th 2016

We posted anything for a while, we've been too busy with work and family to go fishing.. I know, I know.. priorities.. haha. We finally got an excuse to leave work early on a Thursday for a quick "birthday fishing trip" It was my birthday that week and I convinced Ken and Jimmy to head up to Kolob for half a day and I think we're all glad we did. The road was great on the way up to Kolob, and there was a little snow on the bank of the reservoir and a few ice glaciers floating around. We started along the shore by the spillway, we tried all kinds of different flies, different colors of buggers, leach streamers, egg patterns, san juan worm,  but nothing worked until ken pulled out the "Black Jack" The black jack is a kind of midge that has two white wings. (shown below). Ken worked his way out to the point and started immediately slaying it, he had already caught 3 before Jimmy and I made our way up the shore trying all kinds of different things. Rainy's Flies is the only place that we know who sells the Black Jack Fly, It was a Fly designed by Gilbert Rowely. Shout out to Gilbert! Thanks Buddy!

The Pink one worked better than the green one. We only had a few of them, and some of them were already hammered from last year when ken killed it, you might remember it from this clip here.. We fished until all the flies we had were literally destroyed. Nothing else worked as well or as consistent. This was the only fly they wanted. We did catch a few using a jig on a spinning rod, (for fun) and 1 on an egg pattern.

The fish are starting to spawn and they are extremely fat! We were all surprised at the number of good sized quality fish that we were catching consistently. I don't think that we've ever caught that quality of fish consistently as we did on that short trip. Out of all of them there were only 2 or 3 that were smaller planter sized, All the rest were beautiful colored fish! It was a windy day and kinda chilly, but we didn't really notice the wind or the cold too much. We were just happy to be catching fish! I'll let the video below speak for itself! Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015 Fall Fishing Trip - Panguitch Lake Utah Area

This year Ken, Jimmy, Christian and I(Nate) planned a fishing trip to head up to our Panguitch lake cabin, and use it as a home base as we fished all around the Panguitch lake area. We stayed for 3 days and we hit up, Panguitch Lake, Asay Creek, Mammoth Creek, and Yankee Meadows. I never have been a big believer of the moon effecting fish's eating behaviors, however after this trip I think i'm convinced that after a Full Moon they just slow down. It wasn't the greatest catching trip, but it was a great fishing trip... Here's a report of the areas we hit up.

October 27th - 1st day

We got up to the cabin and settled and then headed down to some access points before Asay Creek meets the Sevier River. 
DWR's Site that shows access points on map. There were 4 of us fishing and we caught maybe 10 total but they were all pretty small. 6-12 inches. I think there was one that was 15 or 16. There is only a limited area that can be fished because there's private land all around. We think that it probably gets fished a lot. It was still fun and pretty! On our way back we headed back to mammoth creek road and stopped and fished on mammoth creek for about an hour. We all saw a lot of fish and we tried almost every type of fly but none of us caught any.

October 28th - 2nd Day

The 2nd day we decided to hope in our little fishing boat and try our luck dragging around some streamers on some sinking line. I've never seen it so slow at Panguitch lake, we fished for at least 3-4 hours and maybe landed 4-5 fish between all 4 of us. So then we decided to head over to Yankee meadows for the rest of the day and try our luck over there. Jimmy and Christian drove back through Brian Head with the boat, and Ken and I jumped on our dirt bikes to ride over the back way. Clear Creek Canyon has a dirt trail over from Panguitch lake to Yankee Meadows, but it's pretty rocky and pretty rough in some areas. There's a cool look off at the top where you can see Yankee Meadows, Brian Head Area, and the Valley, here's a couple pics that we took at the top.

Once we got to Yankee Meadows we scarfed down a couple hot dogs and launched the boat, we were having about the same luck as Panguitch lake. 

we saw a cool Bald Eagle over by where the stream comes into the reservoir and decided to get closer, as we got closer we saw a ton of flashes of red shooting off all over the place. The Brook trout were spawning next to the inlet. we stopped for a min. Since we scared them all a way we decided to take the boat back to the dock and get our waders on and go fish from the shore. We saw some fish feeding on little midges off the top so we threw on some different midges to test it out and no luck, we tried streamers, dry flies, and just about everything we had. Jimmy decided to try a egg pattern and finally landed a nice size brook trout in the spawn. Here's a pic of it.

We didn't know if it was a fluke at this point since we didn't have any luck with anything else so we waited to see if he could do it again. Sure enough he landed one even bigger! This one he could barely get his hand around it, it was so big. 

notice his hand can't fit around it.

At that point we all started trying to use the egg pattern. Here's one that I caught at the same place. 

Once it started getting close to dark, ken and I took off to head back to the cabin and Jimmy and Christian continued to fish a little longer and they caught a couple more, here's one that Christian caught after we left.

October 29th - 3rd Day

The 3rd day was a bust! We decided to go fish Mammoth Creek, right below the town of Mammoth. We hiked a couple miles and hardly even saw any fish. I think all of us saw about 2 or 3 fish total. none of us caught anything. 
After that Jimmy, Christian and I decided to give it one more go on panguitch lake, since we were getting sick of eating hot dogs, and we had planned to eat fish for dinner that night. We fished for about 3 hours, it started to snow and the wind was blowing about 20 miles an hour. But we were pretty sick of hot dogs so we kept fishing. We were able to land 2 pretty good sized fish that we took back and cooked up. I think they were caught on purple or maroonish streamers. 

All in all it was a fun trip, and great company!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Kolob Reservoir 4/24/15

Ken and I decided to buzz up to Kolob to see if we could catch some "spawners" on the 24th of April.  We were lucky to be accompanied by Ken's brother Niels!  It was fun to have him come out and fish with us and hope he keeps coming to fish with us! :)

We got to Kolob around 8:30 and started to throw "the black jack" out at them from the shore.  That was not working so we started throwing other midge patters at them and did not have success with those either.  Ken threw on a black wolly bugger and caught a rainbow right after he put it on so of course weall put black wolly buggers on but did not have any luck, must have been a fluke :)

We continued to walk the shore line and site fish for spawners.  We finally found 2 spawning beds just right off the shore and decided to throw out some egg patterns under an indicator.  We caught a few right in the beds, here are some pics of one of the nicer ones...

We mostly fished between the boat ramp and the spillway for a couple of hours, before we left we started fishing the same egg patterns at the inlet that is to the north of the ramp and caught 4-5.