Thursday, March 23, 2017

Santa Clara River Utah Spring Fishing

Biggest fish I've caught in this river
Needless to say Jimmy and I have not done enough fishing that past couple of years. We saw a window of opportunity open up to run up to Pine Valley Utah and fish a little river (stream) called the Santa Clara river. The water was flowing pretty good because of the snow melting. Jimmy first tried a san jaun worm and had a few bites. I put on a zebra midge with no luck. Then Jimmy through on a bead prince nymph and started catching a few small browns. I through a black wooly bugger to see if I could dead drift it or strip it across a few holes. I didn't catch anything until we moved up to the big hole right below the spill way of Pine View Reservoir. Here a few pics of our catch.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jackson Flat Reservoir Fishing

A friend of mine has killed it recently at Jackson Flat reservoir. A a little body of water over by Kanab Utah. I guess the fishing has recently opened back up on this little reservoir and the Brown Trout have grown nicely. Most of these were caught from the shore in the last 3 weeks. The rainbow was caught in the fall.

Just under 8lbs

This one was caught last fall at Jackson Flat

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ice Fishing Panguitch Lake

Nice Cutty Rainbrown.

We have had it on the Calendar for months, Ice Fishing Dec 16th and 17th 2016! Only to show up with it raining and blowing about 40 mph on Friday ha! Crazy ice sheets being blown together and ice chunks being beat apart by the wind. When we showed up on Friday only about half the lake had ice on it and it was deteriorating fast.

We ended up messing around in the little cove on the north side of the lake. The wind was not blowing as hard and their was around 4 inches of ice still. After that we headed back to the cabin and called it night.

Luckily a cold front moved in over night and it was about 1 degree in the morning with just a little breeze. There was still a ton of open water but enough ice on the north east side that we could fish. There was probably around 5 inches. Fishing was really slow but we ended up catch a few nice fish and had a great time.
Jimmy with a nice bow