Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kolob Reservoir Ut Fishing Report May 2nd 2013

I was having shoulder surgery on Friday the 3rd so I decided I would get a quick fly fishing trip in before my surgery. I was going to be out of commission for 6 weeks + so no fishing for me. I ran up to Kolob reservoir around 10 am. The ice had been off for about a month but the fish were still spawning around the edges. When I first pulled up I talked to a guy from Washington City that had caught a bunch all morning with a black leech so I decided to start out using the same. I fished for about 2 hours had a couple of bites but only one fish.
About this time I decide it was time to change my fly again and so I put on a little fly that our buddy ties up called the black jack. Lets just say that I love this fly. The only two times I have used I have caught a lot of fish. I fished for the next 2 hours and landed 14 fish with a few misses and one that was on but got off. It was some of the fast fishing I have had in a long time. I only had 2 black jacks I lost the first one after catching 3 fish. I caught the other 11 fish on just the one fly. It eventually got beat up so bad that I couldn't use it anymore and it wouldn't catch fish. I'm sure if I had more flies I could have sat there and caught fish left and right for until dark. Here are some pics and also some footage I took with my HD swann action cam.