Thursday, March 23, 2017

Santa Clara River Utah Spring Fishing

Biggest fish I've caught in this river
Needless to say Jimmy and I have not done enough fishing that past couple of years. We saw a window of opportunity open up to run up to Pine Valley Utah and fish a little river (stream) called the Santa Clara river. The water was flowing pretty good because of the snow melting. Jimmy first tried a san jaun worm and had a few bites. I put on a zebra midge with no luck. Then Jimmy through on a bead prince nymph and started catching a few small browns. I through a black wooly bugger to see if I could dead drift it or strip it across a few holes. I didn't catch anything until we moved up to the big hole right below the spill way of Pine View Reservoir. Here a few pics of our catch.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jackson Flat Reservoir Fishing

A friend of mine has killed it recently at Jackson Flat reservoir. A a little body of water over by Kanab Utah. I guess the fishing has recently opened back up on this little reservoir and the Brown Trout have grown nicely. Most of these were caught from the shore in the last 3 weeks. The rainbow was caught in the fall.

Just under 8lbs

This one was caught last fall at Jackson Flat