Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lake Blanche Fishing 9/16/14

So...Ken finally gave me a day off so i decided to go wet a hook.  I have been itchin to get up to Lake Blanche just to hike but then did some research to find out that people actually fish it and catch Brookies.  I started the hike around 1:30 and got up there a little after 3pm.  I fished for 2 hrs before i headed back.  It is a 6.1 mile hike that climbs over 2500 ft in elevation.  I caught about 25 brookies in the 2 hrs i fished, 75% of them were on a green Caddis dry.  Beautiful fall colors and scenery, great fishing, fun fish to catch, biggest was 10 or 11 inches, most were 6-8inches.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Minversville Reservoir Fly Fishing 5/24/2014

Hit up Minersville Res on Sat. Caught some nice bows and my first ever Wiper! I had not idea those wipers would fight so hard it was a lot of fun and probably the highlight of the trip. We fished all morning and when we decided to head in I told Jimmy I am going to just troll this muddler minnow in. Well after about 5 mins that wiper hit that minnow and took my line out all the way to the backing and then took another probably 50 yards of backing until it let up. I thought I had a 27 inch rainbow on. We here there are some nice Wipers over in Newcastle Res so we will have to get over there and see if we can catch any. We will keep you posted. Here are a few pics from Minersville.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Little Reservoir Beaver Mountain

We fished up Little Reservoir on Friday afternoon. We were trying to target some big browns but we didn't really have the right setup or time. We caught some little bows and then we had heard that if you use some cut bait that you can catch some nice ones. We have a buddy that caught a 17 pound brown out of this reservoir.

There are a ton of shiners in this lake and it is no wonder that the fish grow so big. We actually caught a couple of shiners and then cut them up and fished with them under our indicators for second just to kind of goof around. Funny thing is I caught a little 10 inch brown doing this. I didn't get a pic of him though he slipped out of my hands before we could get one.

We were talking though and we think that if you get up there towards the evening and fish a mouse pattern, larger streamer, or even some kind of cut bait you might be able to snag a big brown. The camp host came by and said he has seen a 2 foot brown swimming around the shore a few times and he just wants to throw a rock at it or something cause he can't catch it. Let us know if you ever get up there and catch a big one!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Provo River, UT Fishing Report- 3/21/14

Lower Provo River 3/21/14
by Jimmy Sorenson

Brett Wright had heard that the Provo was on fire so he called me and twisted my arm to go with him.  We got on the water right at "sun-up" and started throwing "dries".  We could not get any takers so I switched over to a nymph rig.  I caught a brown on an egg pattern with a san juan dropper.  He took the egg pattern!  Here is a video of him...

Brett caught a few on streamers.  Then we moved upstream a couple hundred yards to a nice hole where Brett had caught a few on a mating midge pattern.  I threw my egg pattern in and hooked up with 3 browns in like 10 min.  I did not hook them very well and all 3 got off.  I think they were taking it out of aggression and they were being territorial to another egg coming into their "hole".

We decided to head downstream under and fish just out from under a bridge with a big back eddie.  We fished there for the rest of the afternoon and caught them on zebra midges, soft hackles, and size 20 BWO's.  We caught about 30 fish in the 6-7 hrs we fished so it was a good day to be on the water! 
Mad BWO hatch started around 12pm.  See videos and pics below

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fly Fishing Minersville Reservoir Utah

I had the rare opportunity yesterday to do a little fishing with my Dad and my Brother. We heard the ice was off at Minersville and decided to hit it up. We left around 6 am from St. George and had our flies wet at around 7:45am. We took Nates boat because the report said it would be better from the boat. Fishing was really hot in the morning but then slowed down around 11 or 12. We caught about 14 or 15 fish total 2 cuts! the rest were rainbows. Biggest of the day was a 23 inch bow. My Dad caught one that was almost 22 maybe 1/4 inch off :) The rest were around 15-19 Green streamers seemed to be the ticket haven't hear any other reports lately so not sure what everyone else has been experiencing. Here are a few pics from our trip, Enjoy!