Monday, May 28, 2012

Enterprise (Upper Res) 5-28-12

       Well this year Memorial day fell on a Monday and since I didn't have work, my wife and I wanted to do something fun. My wife said why don't we go up to Pine Valley and do a dutch oven dinner and you can fish. When I heard fish, I didn't have to think twice about that plan. I called my parents up to see if they wanted to come with us, and called Ken and Emily. They all thought it was a great idea, especially my mom, she wanted to fish because she didn't get to last week up at otter creek. That morning my dad took my brothers and I golfing 18 holes and we decided that maybe Enterprise would be better and not as crowded as Pine Valley. We through in all our gear as soon as we were done and headed up to Enterprise around 2. We got there about 330 and set up our shade and got the dutch ovens going. The beach wasn't way pretty but the view across the lake was really pretty.

It was about 4:00, I knew it probably wasn't the ideal time of the day to fish, but I decided to throw in my line and test my luck, first I tried a black bugger on a fly pole, Ken came over a few min later and through in his 4 year old daughters pole for her. He had heard the Mexicans next to us were catching some on a green power bait, so that's what he put on.. I fished for a little bit with no luck when Shaylie caught a pretty nice Rainbow. It wasn't huge but it wasn't a planter fish either. 
I decided I had better grab my other pole and put on some green power bait ha ha. So when I was getting that all set up, my mom was headed out with her fly pole and a green bugger. She was trying to get the rhythm down again of casting with a fly rod, she kept at it for a long time, after about an hour or so of trying to get that down again, she hooked a fish. I think everyone on the shore line knew as soon as she got one cuz she was squealing like a 6 year old on her first roller coaster ride ha. She kept yelling, "I GOT ONE, I GOT ONE, I GOT ONE, I GOT ONE!" haha. it was more fun to watch her catch a fish than anything else the whole trip! The only bad part was that the blasted fish got off before she could get it in to the shore. It looked like it could've been a nice one from the bending of the pole though.

Casting away
Well by this time I didn't know what I should do. I left my line out while we ate to see if anything would bite it. I think my dad caught a little tiny tiny fish on it and threw it back. So after dinner I decided if my mom got a bite on the fly rod then I could probably catch one too, and it would be more fun catching one on a fly plus it was starting to get a little later so maybe the fish would start getting more active. I put on a green bugger and about 3 or 4 casts out I got a bite. I couldn't tell if it was big or not, it was putting up a good little fight. I got it in and realized that I had caught a little small mouth Bass. For such a small little fish it was still a lot of fun to catch, and I was happy I didn't get skunked haha. 

                                                              The old man throwing the line
My fish was so puny I could fit my whole hand around it
This was the first bass that I've ever caught, so it was pretty fun. After I caught this little guy I thought things were picking up so I was getting excited, I got a few bites but didn't getting anything else the rest of the time we were there. Ken didn't bring his waders cuz he didn't think he'd be able to fish with taking care of his two kids, but couldn't resist throwing in the old fly line. With how far he throws it, not having waders didn't really effect him too much, ha. He got one on his line for a sec but it got off too.  So overall for a quick afternoon getaway it was a fun little trip, we left about 7:30 or 8. Everybody that fished at least had a fish one for a min, so it was pretty successful for the few hours we were there.

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