Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lees Ferry Fishing Report 5/1/12

Jim Mendenhall, St George, UT  
Lees Ferry Fishing Report
By: Terry Gunn
May 1, 2012
Recent Fish rating
Upriver: 7 to 8.5
Walk-In: 7 to 8.5
Spin-Fishing: 4 to 6
Key: 1 = Go fish somewhere else 10 = Rent a helicopter and get here now!
Today’s Weather: Sunny, Low 60 High 87
The spring weather has been near perfect with very few windy days.
Crowd Rating
Upriver: 2-3 No Crowds during the week & 4.5 on the weekends
Walk In: 1 Nobody here during the week & 4 to 6 on the weekends
Key: 1 = Sleep late and fish where you want. 10 = Very crowded, get up early
Fly Fishing Up-River.
What a difference a week can make! The bugs finally decided it was time to hatch and the midges and blackflies are making up for lost time. Over the past several days we have been seeing epic hatches throughout most of the river and the fish are moving out of the deeper water into the shallows to enjoy the feast. I spent today in the riffles and it was amazing how many fish were feeding on emerging midges below the surface. One way that you can always tell that the fish are feeding heavy is that they do not spook away from you. When the fish are feeding hard they will stay put and almost ignore the wading angler. I usually don’t like to talk numbers but the client I had today was a really good stick and we both agreed that he probably stuck 75 fish, 6 fish I measured at more than 18”, the largest was >20” and all the rest were in great shape and nice fish. I would guess that 25% of the fish were on dry flies and the rest were on nymphs. This was the best fishing day for me of the season and I think that it is a trend and I expect May to be great. I cannot begin to guarantee you that you will have a day like this here but I can assure you that it is more likely that you will have better fishing in the coming weeks than in this past March or April.  I have also seen more spawning fish the last few days than were around last month. Go figure…it is late but it looks like a few fish decided to spawn after all.

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