Friday, February 8, 2013

Weber River Fishing Report 2/8/2013

I ran up to the Weber River on Feb 8th 2013 with a few of my clients, Tom Souvall and Theresa Darveaux, here are the videos from our expedition.  We had a great time, the Weber never disappoints! :)

Here is a video of a BEAUTIFUL bow that Tom caught on a sow bug pattern!

Here i am with a skinny brown that took a sow bug as well...

Fun times guys!  Lets do it again soon! :)
- Jimmy Sorenson

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rockport Reservoir 2/2/13

I ran up to Rockport for a couple of hours on Saturday Feb 2nd. Fishing was slow, caught this brown one crank off the bottom fishing in about 45 feet of water just off the damn. I was using a Ratfinke tipped with a wax worm. Only had one more on, got up there late and missed the morning bite i think...

Check out the hog that my buddy Eric Marsing caught up at Jordanelle that same day!  I should have went fishing at Jordanelle Reservoir with him!   He said it was a slow day up there and i believe him but if you think i feel sorry for him, think again!  He caught 11 fish, most of them were pretty small.