Friday, May 4, 2012

Kolob Reservoir Ut Fishing Report 5/4/2012

Nate and I headed up to Kolob Friday evening. Arrived around 5:30-6pm and fished until 9:30. Nate caught 3 and I caught 4. We each had 2 other fish on that got off and also some bites. We were using black buggers all night. I caught my 4 fish between 8:30 and 9:30. The only crappy thing is that it was windy.
First fish of the night Nates
Nice bow in the spawn
Almost 16 inches :)
I think this was a planter 2 of the ones I caught were like this.
This was a fun little trip up to Kolob, we got there about 5 or 530 or so, and started fishing but it was pretty windy and we weren't getting any bites after about an hour we decided to move to a spot that was less windy over by the dam. It was less windy but no luck. I decided to eat a snack real quick and when Ken joined me I was finishing and told him I was going to hurry and catch one while he was eating haha, sure enough within the the next 2 min I had one on my line, it felt like a big one, it made it's debute to the surface jumping out of the water so I could see it's massive body glistening in the sun, right when I got it about 5 feet from the shore it broke my fly completely off. Well it sure got our attention and Ken immediatly grabbed his pole and ran for the shore.
About 5 more minutes when by when I landed the spawning beauty that you can see above. It was really pretty with it's purple and pink colors. It was about 7 and then we didn't catch another one until about 8 or so. I had another bite and landed another bow. It was a little slow, at least for ken (haha) we decided to move back over to where we were before, it was still windy and getting dark. I landed another small trout and then when it was completely dark and there was no visibility of the indicator, the heavens opened and ken started slayin it like he was fightin a dragon. One right after another, he kept pulling them in. 
All in all it was a fun trip, we both caught some nice fish and I was able to try my new pole out.

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