Saturday, November 2, 2013

Panguitch Lake Utah Fly Fishing 11.2.2013

Headed up to Panguitch Lake last Sat to look at a cabin for sale. I threw the pole in just in case I had a some time to throw a fly in. Got up there around 2:30 it ended up being around 5:00 by the time I was done with the Realtor. I decided to throw the gear on and fish for a min. 
I headed over by the boat ramp on the south side of the lake right by where they have the boat docs. The water level is low but looks like it has been rising a little. I started fishing with a blackjack but didn't get any bites. I then decided to throw a green streamer on. That was the ticket. I ended up catching 8 fish in the next 45 mins. They were all planters about 10 -12 inches but had fun anyway. Fishing usually pics up before ice on. I was surprised that I didn't snag any bigger fish but I kind of couldn't keep the planters off the line long enough. I did find out that I have a leak in the right leg of my waders though so I need to fix that, about froze my foot off ha! 
Sorry don't have any pics maybe next time.