Saturday, May 26, 2012

Otter Creek Utah Fishing Report 5/26/2012

3lbs 3oz 18 inches
We drove up to Koosharem Ut Friday afternoon to attend a family reunion. As I'm sure you noticed it was a very windy rainy weekend. Part of the family reunion activities was a fishing competition Sat morning. Nate brought his boat little fishing boat up and we both threw our electric trolling motors in so that we had a backup. Nate also brought his battery along with mine. The last thing we wanted was to get blown down the lake and then have to hike back.

My daughter Shaylie had been asking me for two weeks when the fishing competition was she was really excited to go. We woke up at 6am and headed from Koosharem down to Otter Creek. Grandpa T. said we could pick up some worms at the store but when we arrived we realized it didn't open until 8am. So we decided to throw some flat fish on and start trolling around. About 15 mins after we got on the lake it started blowing at least 30mph.

As you can see the conditions were not ideal.

My dad ended up catching the first one which was just a little guy maybe 14-15 inches. Nate had one on but then got off before he could get it in. That was the first of three for Nate that he caught but could just never get in, he was pretty ticked off.

After that I caught a smaller one about like the first one my dad caught. By this time the wind was blowing us down the like and we were just letting the wind take us. About a mile down the lake on the west side I ended up getting one on. I was only out maybe 25 feet and as soon as I hooked it I caught a glimpse of it at the surface and I said, "oh I think that one is a nice one". When I got it in it was about 2 or 3 times as big and fat as the other ones we were catching.
It was really fat I couldn't even get my puny little hand around it :)

When I gutted it I found these two crawdad claws and this minnow in its stomach kind of cool.

Well it was blowing so bad now that we decided we better head back. It was starting to rain and we had only been fishing for about an hour. We had 4 fish at this point Nate had caught 2 by now but they had both got off.

We started heading back but the wind was blowing so bad that our two electric motors were barley moving us up the lake and we didn't know if we were going to make it. We ended up beaching the boat for about 10 mins to see if it would die down and try to figure out what we should do. We decided to stay close to the shore and just keep heading into the wind really slow. The waves ended up splashing over the bow and getting me all wet. My daughter Shaylie was a good sport and just wrapped in her blanket and took a nap.
Shaylie sleeping in the front

Earlier that morning cuddled up next to the heater.
I took this video that I thought you would like too. We were going about 1mph trying to get back up the lake. Jimmy knows what this is like haha. We had this same experience at Navajo lake one time.

We finally made it back to the south side of the lake near the dock and decided to keep trolling around for a few mins. Nate caught a really nice fish probably near the same size as the one I caught above but it got off right at the boat. We had a good time and Im thinking about heading back up there to do a little fly fishing.
Here are a few more pics.
rain coming
Nate bringing his mighty ship in.

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