Thursday, February 5, 2015

Joe's Valley Reservoir -2/3/15

My cousin Bart invited me to Joe's Valley Res because someone he worked with had been up there on 2/1/15 and had caught this splake

So, needless to say, i was pretty stoked to get down there and try my luck at a fish that size.  So, i drove down and met him in Price and we headed up there on 2/3/15.  Started fishing at around 8am and it was pretty slow for the first little bit.  It was a full moon the night before so my opinion was that they had been feeding all night long but who knows if that is true or not...Anyway, we moved around a bit and met up with DWR fish biologist Calvin Black and fished next to him and the fishing picked up.  We were using white tub jigs tipped with cut bait.  We caught about 18-20 splake in 5 hrs and they ranged from 14-19 inches long.  Here are some pics from the trip: