Friday, November 19, 2010

Sevier River Ut Fishing Report Nov 19th 2010

So for my B-Day I told my Dad that i wanted to go on a mini fly fishing trip. We decided to go up to Circle Valley Utah and fish the Sevier River. We stayed at the Circle Valley Anglers Lodge and had John one of the Circle Valley Anglers guides take us out on Friday to show us how to do it. We fished all day Friday and then Sat morning too. We had a ton of fun and would like to do it again someday.

 Jimmy showing off his casting skilzzz!
 Nice little brown
                                         Nates first fish caught on a fly and his first trip fly fishing!

 Biggest fish of the trip about and 18 inch rainbow that my Dad caught  in this nice little hole.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leeds Creek Utah Fising Report, Bonniville Cut Throat

Jimmy and I were itching for some fly fishing work had been stressful and we just needed to get out and have a little fun. So we left work earlier about lunch time and went and hit up leeds creek. I think we used san juan worms, pheasant tails, and zebra midges.