Friday, May 23, 2014

Little Reservoir Beaver Mountain

We fished up Little Reservoir on Friday afternoon. We were trying to target some big browns but we didn't really have the right setup or time. We caught some little bows and then we had heard that if you use some cut bait that you can catch some nice ones. We have a buddy that caught a 17 pound brown out of this reservoir.

There are a ton of shiners in this lake and it is no wonder that the fish grow so big. We actually caught a couple of shiners and then cut them up and fished with them under our indicators for second just to kind of goof around. Funny thing is I caught a little 10 inch brown doing this. I didn't get a pic of him though he slipped out of my hands before we could get one.

We were talking though and we think that if you get up there towards the evening and fish a mouse pattern, larger streamer, or even some kind of cut bait you might be able to snag a big brown. The camp host came by and said he has seen a 2 foot brown swimming around the shore a few times and he just wants to throw a rock at it or something cause he can't catch it. Let us know if you ever get up there and catch a big one!

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