Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kents Lake Beaver Mountain UT/ Minersville Res

We headed up to Kents Lake on the Beav last Thursday, May 22nd to a little fishing. Jimmy and I met up in Beaver Thursday afternoon and then headed up the canyon. We had never really fished much on the beaver so we were excited at what the fishing trip would entail. We camped in the campground at Kents Lake and fished there Thursday night, Friday morning, and Friday night. Thursday night we started fishing around 6pm and caught around 30+ fish I would say fishing was hot. We caught some bows, splake, tigers, and brookies. Nothing really big mostly around 12-14 inches really fun though because we caught so many. We took my little fiberglass boat that I think I am going to now call, "A river runs through it" because there are few new holes that I didn't know about towards the front of the boat which literally water came in the front and flowed to the back of the boat forming a little river ha!

Kents Lake Sunset
On Friday morning we fished Kents again caught a couple nicer Tigers one 16 and one almost 17. Then we headed down to Little Reservoir hoping to snag a big brown. I guess there are some nice brown trout that have been pulled out of Little Res over the years. Jimmy has a friend that caught a 17 pound brown from there. Well we weren't so lucky we caught some small bows, some little shiners, and one brown measuring about 10 inches. After we fished Little Res we headed back up to Kents and fished the rest of the evening til dark catching another 20 or so fish from the boat. It seemed to be really good fishing on the far side of the lake in a little cove we liked to call the Glory Hole!

Sat Morning we woke up early and headed down to Minersville Res to see if we could catch some nice Rainbows. We caught 2 small bass, 6 bows, and 1 wiper that gave me the fight of my life. We figured we caught 8 different types of fish on this trip which was really fun, Tigers, Bows, Splake, Brookies, Brown, Shiners, Bass, and Wiper.

 Here are some pics from our trip, enjoy!
17 InchTiger
First Ever Wiper!

19 inch Minersville Bow

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