Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lake Blanche Fishing 9/16/14

So...Ken finally gave me a day off so i decided to go wet a hook.  I have been itchin to get up to Lake Blanche just to hike but then did some research to find out that people actually fish it and catch Brookies.  I started the hike around 1:30 and got up there a little after 3pm.  I fished for 2 hrs before i headed back.  It is a 6.1 mile hike that climbs over 2500 ft in elevation.  I caught about 25 brookies in the 2 hrs i fished, 75% of them were on a green Caddis dry.  Beautiful fall colors and scenery, great fishing, fun fish to catch, biggest was 10 or 11 inches, most were 6-8inches.

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