Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fly Fishing Minersville Reservoir Utah

I had the rare opportunity yesterday to do a little fishing with my Dad and my Brother. We heard the ice was off at Minersville and decided to hit it up. We left around 6 am from St. George and had our flies wet at around 7:45am. We took Nates boat because the report said it would be better from the boat. Fishing was really hot in the morning but then slowed down around 11 or 12. We caught about 14 or 15 fish total 2 cuts! the rest were rainbows. Biggest of the day was a 23 inch bow. My Dad caught one that was almost 22 maybe 1/4 inch off :) The rest were around 15-19 Green streamers seemed to be the ticket haven't hear any other reports lately so not sure what everyone else has been experiencing. Here are a few pics from our trip, Enjoy!

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