Thursday, September 19, 2013

Minersville Reservoir and Yankee Meadows Reservoir

Jimmy, Nate, and I have been itching to do some fall fishing. We had an opportunity to go on Thurs Sept 19th. We had such a fun time at Minersville last fall that we thought we would give it a try. Jimmy drove down from SLC and I drove up from St. George to meet him there around 7:30 am. We fished for about an hour and half with no bite. I think we were a tad too early. I guess that is what you get when you are impatient. The water temp was about 65-67 degrees still so it is no wonder the fishing is still kind of slow right now. We tried streamers, and midges, no dry flies. After an hour and half with not even a bite we decided to run up to Yankee Meadows Reservoir. Nate was just on his way up since he couldn't get away as early so we called him and told him to meet us at Yankee. Yankee is significantly higher in elevation 8,660 according to the DWR website. Here is the DWR webpage for Yankee it can give you a little more info:

The water temp was about 55 degrees which I hear is when the trout start perking up and becoming more active. We fished for about 3 hours and caught 11 fish so it was a lot better than Minersville. They were hitting purple, green, and black wooly buggers. We caught around 5 bows, 5 cuts, and 1 brookie. It was gorgeous up there as the leaves were changing and it seems like fishing will pick up in the next couple of weeks as it gets even cooler. Also you will probably do better with midges in the next couple of weeks. Here are few pics from our trip.

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