Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lilly Lake & Mirror Lake Fishing Report Sept 17th 2013

Brett and Bryan Wright and I headed up to the Uintas to do a little "float-tubin" on Sept 17th.  We got up there first thing in the morning and started fishing at Lilly lake.  I was using my intermediate line and was snagging on the bottom on certain parts of the lake so i know it is not a very deep lake.  We caught a few there...I caught a small tiger trout there and Bryan caught a few rainbows.  After about an hour or so we thought we should try our luck at Mirror Lake.  So we packed up and headed over to Mirror a couple of miles down the road.  The leaves were changing up there, such a beautiful highway!  A storm was trying to roll in on us, the clouds were moving faster than i have ever seen clouds move!  I hooked up my sonar to my floattube this time and found that most of the fish were either hugging the bottom or sitting on top.  Fish were mainly marking in the 13-14 ft range, did not find any marking at deeper depths.  We were using wooly buggers, purples, browns, blacks, etc...I think we ended up catching around 12-13 fish.  We caught 4 species that day, rainbows, cuts, a brookie and one tiger.  The fish were not big by any means, probably ranging from 10-12 inches

Here are some pics from our trip...

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