Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Fishing Boulder Mountain Utah Sept 26-28

18 inch Brookie, Blind Lake
So we were itching to do a Boulder Mountain fishing trip this year. It worked out that we could go on Sept 26-28. Jimmy couldn't make it but we decided to go anyway. Even though he is the life of the part we couldn't pass on the opportunity.
Nate and I headed up Thurs morning, stopped in Richfield for some supplies and then we were on our way. Dad decided to come and so he booked a cabin for us just at the base of the mountain. We stayed there one time before a couple of years ago. It is called Uncle Earls Cabin. Great place to stay close to the mountain and the north slope road.

We arrived the cabin around 3pm unloaded our bags and the ranger and headed up the north slope road. We had planned on fishing Honeymoon for that evening. A cold front had moved in and it was lets say just a little chilly. We were thinking this should be good for fishing. It tooks us about 35 mins to get to to Fish Creek and then another 20 mins to hike over to Honeymoon. We fished for a couple of hours but didn't even get as much as a bite. We saw just a little bit of action but not much. So I am not sure how many fish are in there. On the way back to the Ranger we fished Fish Creek for maybe an hour. We saw a lot of action but couldn't get any to bite.

Friday we got up ate and headed up the mountain again. We drove over to green lake but it didn't look very promising so we decided to fish Blind. We have heard that Blind can be good and holds some big fish. We drove as far as we could on the Ranger and then got out and hiked the rest of the way. We ended up packing our little raft and electric motor in. It sounds crazy but we though why not it is a half of a mile and it might have us a better chance of catching some fish. We fished all morning I caught a little brookie, cut, and bow on a purple streamer. We stopped for lunch and built a fire. It was about 25 degrees all day with wind and a few small snow flurries. After lunch we went over to the south side of the lake fished from shore but didn't have any luck. We decided to get back in our raft and drag some streamers around while it was getting dark. Dad ended up catching a couple, Nate caught one, and I caught one more brookie that 18 incher above. I think this fish made the trip for me. I caught it on a black marabou jig.

Sat we drove over the Pine Creek hiked up and fished for about 2-3 hours. Saw a lot of fish but couldn't get them to bite. It was kind of a slow fishing trip. For 3 days of fishing I think we only caught 7-8 fish total out of all 3 of us. Here is some footage from the trip Enjoy!

Honeymoon not much action, didn't catch anything
Nate getting after it! 

Fish Creek Lake, Beautiful Fall Colors

There is  Mountain Goat if you look close


  1. Nice Blog guys! Great pics too. Just FYI, that nice Brookie you have there is actually a Splake. Brookie = Square tail, blue halos, Splake = Fork Tail, no blue halo's.

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