Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weber River Utah

I had a small window of an opportunity to run up to the Weber River last week with Randy Browning after work. I love this time of year with the leaves changing, cooler temps, etc... but the only thing i don't like about it is that the daylight fades faster and faster as the days go on.   We were only able to fish for an hour and half or so.  We caught around 10 or so and the biggest was around 17 inches that ended up tail walking a few times on the end of Randy's line.  We caught about 6 browns and about 4 whitefish.  The whitefish were looking pretty plump!  We caught them on sow bugs.  The flow was running at about 46 CFS the day we went.  They are not letting a lot of water pass through for some reason, might be due to the repair work they are doing on the Echo Res Dam.  This time of year is a good time to target the Browns as they are starting to spawn. Let us know if you have any recent reports from the Weber?

- Jimmy Sorenson

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