Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kolob Reservoir 10-12-12

Ken and I hadn't gone fishing since alaska and were really hurtin for even just a short fishing opportunity. The weather was looking pretty ugly in St. George and even up north in the mountains but we had both got permission from the wives and figured if we have permission then we're going! We left town about noon and made our trip up to Kolob Reservior. The weather was still stormy and as we kept climbing started to turn snowy and slushy, Ken said it would start to clear up though. Haha. We unloaded the boat put all our rain gear on and were excited to get in the lake. fortunately the wind wasn't blowing too bad. We started with our new fly rods we got when we went to Alaska. I tried a black bead head bugger and Ken put on a green bugger. we both had a bite in about the first 15 min so we were pretty excited. Even though the wind wasn't blowing it was cold. The temp gauge said about 38 degrees and it started snowing. We were dry and warm, the only thing that was uncomfortable as the  day went on was our hands just about froze off. We fished from about 1:30 till 5. so about 3 and a half hours. I got 4 fish, 1 bow and 3 cutthroat. Ken caught a nice cutthroat about 16 and a half inches. We switched after a while to a purple bugger that they seamed to like. They were really pretty fish and about the same size we caught up on the Russian river in Alaska. we weren't slaying it, but the fish we did catch were really pretty and a lot of fun. All and all it was a great trip to take a break from life, get out in God's beautiful country with the fall leaves changing and do a little fishing.

My Fatty Rainbow

Kens nice Cut

pretty cut

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  1. Nice fish boys! Wish i could have made it, looks like you guys had a ton of fun and froze at the same time, fall fishing at its finest!