Friday, October 26, 2012

Southern Utah Brookies

We headed to Hendrickson Lake Friday afternoon trying to go after some brookies in the spawn. It took us about and hour and 15 to get to the trail head from St. George and then a 30 min hike up to the lake. When we got there the lake was for the most part frozen except for a little bit around the edges of the north shore. We ended up breaking some of the ice up around the edges so that we had some open water to fish in. We caught a few and had fun but would not go up there after 10/15/2012. Also we could see a lot of fish under the ice so that was kind of cool. I took a picture of one by a log below that you can see. I could see some bright orange red brookies but we never caught one with a lot of color. We are still trying to learn what this little lake is all about as far as what to use when to go and when they start to spawn.
Nates first one on his 3rd cast

Brookie by the log

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