Friday, June 3, 2011

Navajo Lake Utah Fishing Report June 3 2011

Jimmy and I again were itching to do a little fishing. With all the snow this year it was hard to get up to Kolob until a couple of week ago. And as we approached Navajo there was still a bunch of snow on the north facing slopes it was also 45 degrees when we showed up. We took my little fiberglass boat and went to try our hand at catching some fish. Jimmy started out with some spinners and had good luck catching a few small rainbows. I stuck with my green bugger hoping I could snatch something a little bigger which I did. I caught a pretty nice rainbow maybe 17 inches or so. We kept fishing for hours I caught a few more small ones with my fly rod and Jimmy started dragging a rapalla lure and couldnt keep the little planters off it for more than 3 mins at a time. All in all a good time had a lot of fun.

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