Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kolob Reservoir Ut Fishing Report 6/4/2011

The end of the rainbow spawn was near so I decided to cruise on up to Kolob Res on Saturday June 4th 2011.  My wife was 5 months pregnant with our first baby and she was at work that say so I thought I would get all the fishing I could in before it got too close to her due date.  I started fishing around the corner from the spillway in my float tube.  I was dragging wooly buggers near the shore to see if I could catch a late spawner cruising the shoreline and protecting his/her beds.  I had a few bites but did not land any.  As I was out in my float tube i noticed that there were a ton of guys that had driven up from Las Vegas to fly fish and they were standing right in the middle of the best spawning bed in then entire lake!  I could not believe it, they were standing in a gravel pit with about a foot of water in it and they were casting into deeper water.  None of them had polarized glasses so I am sure that they did not even realize that there were fish all around them.  The area I am referring to was right in front of the spillway and what made it even better spawning grounds was that there was a natural slow moving current pulling water out of the res and over the spill way.  I noticed that they were not catching a thing so I was a little discouraged and I thought I might have missed the heaving spawning era and that I would have to wait til next year.  I was wrong though!  I waited for them to leave and I literally ran over there as soon as they were pulling their trucks out.  I started to throw egg patterns in front of all the fish that these guys were standing on and I slayed it for the next few hours.  Here are the pics I took.  There was a guy and his wife fishing the dam with bait and not catching anything so I had him come over and take some pics for me.

It was awesome because the fish were fighting over the egg as it slowly drifted into their spawning beds.  It was neat to see their behavior as I stood there for hours and watched how territorial they are of their eggs.  The females would turn on their sides and I could see them flash every time they did this.  What an awesome experience.  Those guys from Vegas missed out, they were literally standing on top of fish all day and did not know it. Great trip to Kolob Res!
-Jimmy Sorenson, June 4th 2011

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