Saturday, February 25, 2012

Panguitch Lake Utah: Ice Fishing Feb 25 2012

Ken and I decided to run up to Panguitch Lake and test are luck since him and Jimmy did so well right before Christmas. We were excited, but didn't get our tent all set up until about 9 AM. The wind was blowing pretty good, there was about 20 scouts that came right after us and were probably drilling holes for about an hour, they must have had about 40 holes drilled with their electric auger. I think each boy scout needed at least two holes haha.

We thought that we would do really well but the fishing turned out to be a lot slower than expected. I got skunked, and Ken caught a pretty nice trout that about pulled his pole all the way under the ice. Ken got up to look out the window and right when his back was turned his pole went right in the hole, I had thought he kicked it in on accident so I said, "ken you kicked your pole in the hole" haha when he turned around it was flippin around like a spoon in a garbage disposal. He grabbed it and then realized, hey I got a fish haha. It turned out to be a decent fish and all in all the trip was still a lot of fun.

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