Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baker Dam Reservoir Ut Fishing Report 4.19.2012

Nate and I thought we would head up to Baker Dam Res after work on Thursday night. Nate just bought a little electric motor off craigslist and so he wanted to test it out as well as get a little fishing in. I am still trying to get Nate to get hooked on fly fishing I think he is almost there. The only problem is he does not have a fly rod yet so he couldn't fly fish. Nate ended up using some spinners with no luck I started out with a green bugger and caught about 2 nice little fat rainbows, holdovers from last year. After I caught two we decided to troll around the lake Nate put on a flat fish and I put my sinking line on with the same green bugger. I was hoping maybe we could snag a nice brown since I keep hearing how many 4-5lbers there are in Baker. I have yet to see one. Anyways here are few pics from our short trip.

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