Friday, January 23, 2009

Enterprise Reservoir Ut Fishing? Jan 23 2009

Jimmy and I decided to go ice fishing but were not sure where to go so we decided to go up to enterprise reservoir. The night before we went there was a huge snow storm that came through and dumped about 2 ft of snow on the surrounding mountains. When we got to the road that leads up to Enterprise it had a lot of snow on it but there were two tire tracks that we thought we would follow. We followed them fine until about a half of a mile from the lower reservoir where the tracks stopped. I being youthful and dumb decided that we could make it. I was also really close to the lake and could hear the fish calling my name. So I floored it and got stuck. We ended up digging ourselves out for the next 4 hours. After we dug my truck out we got stuck a 2nd time on the way out. Needless to say we were ready to get out of there. I rode back up to Enterprise in the spring and we could see all the rocks and sticks in the middle of the road still where we had got stuck and dug ourselves out. I guess I have a good story to tell the grand kids haha.

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