Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kolob Reservoir Fishing Report 4/26/17

Ice Off!  The ice came off on 4/22/17 this year and every year it does, we get the itch to get out and catch the bows spawning on the shores.  Ken and I slept in and didn't get up to the res until 10:30am. We started out throwing midge patterns from the shore with our 6 weights.  Fishing was slow...water temp was still sort of cold since the ice just came off a few days ago.  After about an hour of no action, Ken threw on a black wolly bugger and caught a planter rainbow from the shore.  So, of course, what do i do? I throw on a black wolly bugger as well.  My 2nd cast i started stripping it back from the shore and caught a 19 inch cut that was pretty healthy lookin, here are some pics of that fish:

About 30 min after that, things started to pick up a little. I think later on in the day with the temp rising helped.  I think it took a little while for the midges to start hatching.  So i switched back to midge patterns and we caught these fish all on the black jack!

It was good trip, fast, but good!  Always a good time, water was super high, we had a really good snow pack year!  Hopefully we can get up there again soon.


  1. what are the best flies for kolob and what part of reservoir do you fish?

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