Friday, April 22, 2016

Midge Magic! Kolob Reservoir - April 14th 2016

We posted anything for a while, we've been too busy with work and family to go fishing.. I know, I know.. priorities.. haha. We finally got an excuse to leave work early on a Thursday for a quick "birthday fishing trip" It was my birthday that week and I convinced Ken and Jimmy to head up to Kolob for half a day and I think we're all glad we did. The road was great on the way up to Kolob, and there was a little snow on the bank of the reservoir and a few ice glaciers floating around. We started along the shore by the spillway, we tried all kinds of different flies, different colors of buggers, leach streamers, egg patterns, san juan worm,  but nothing worked until ken pulled out the "Black Jack" The black jack is a kind of midge that has two white wings. (shown below). Ken worked his way out to the point and started immediately slaying it, he had already caught 3 before Jimmy and I made our way up the shore trying all kinds of different things. Rainy's Flies is the only place that we know who sells the Black Jack Fly, It was a Fly designed by Gilbert Rowely. Shout out to Gilbert! Thanks Buddy!

The Pink one worked better than the green one. We only had a few of them, and some of them were already hammered from last year when ken killed it, you might remember it from this clip here.. We fished until all the flies we had were literally destroyed. Nothing else worked as well or as consistent. This was the only fly they wanted. We did catch a few using a jig on a spinning rod, (for fun) and 1 on an egg pattern.

The fish are starting to spawn and they are extremely fat! We were all surprised at the number of good sized quality fish that we were catching consistently. I don't think that we've ever caught that quality of fish consistently as we did on that short trip. Out of all of them there were only 2 or 3 that were smaller planter sized, All the rest were beautiful colored fish! It was a windy day and kinda chilly, but we didn't really notice the wind or the cold too much. We were just happy to be catching fish! I'll let the video below speak for itself! Thanks for watching!