Friday, April 24, 2015

Kolob Reservoir 4/24/15

Ken and I decided to buzz up to Kolob to see if we could catch some "spawners" on the 24th of April.  We were lucky to be accompanied by Ken's brother Niels!  It was fun to have him come out and fish with us and hope he keeps coming to fish with us! :)

We got to Kolob around 8:30 and started to throw "the black jack" out at them from the shore.  That was not working so we started throwing other midge patters at them and did not have success with those either.  Ken threw on a black wolly bugger and caught a rainbow right after he put it on so of course weall put black wolly buggers on but did not have any luck, must have been a fluke :)

We continued to walk the shore line and site fish for spawners.  We finally found 2 spawning beds just right off the shore and decided to throw out some egg patterns under an indicator.  We caught a few right in the beds, here are some pics of one of the nicer ones...

We mostly fished between the boat ramp and the spillway for a couple of hours, before we left we started fishing the same egg patterns at the inlet that is to the north of the ramp and caught 4-5.

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