Friday, August 2, 2013

Fish Creek, Boulder Mountain Fishing

Nate getting after it!
Had a family reunion that was taking place at Single Tree Campground this past weekend. My brother and I just bought a Polaris Ranger and thought we would take it to this reunion in the hope we might get to do a little fishing. Well we got a chance Friday afternoon to run up the north slope road and the cut off to the south on the road that takes you over to Fish Creek. We ended up taking the wives and kids so had a ton of fun on the ride up but when we finally go there we only had time to fish for 30-45 mins. Needless to say we could see the fish but never really got anything figured out. Beautiful country though. I want to get back there this fall though. Hopefully we can go figure it out. Jimmy will be heading there next week So I guess we will see what he can do :)

If that pic doesn't make you want to fish?


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