Monday, June 17, 2013

North Fork Of The Duchesne River 6/17/13

My dad and i headed up to fish the North Fork of the Duchesne River on 6/17/13.  We fished it for a couple of hours and caught 4 brookies.  All the fish we caught out of that river were 5-6 inches long.  In fact, one of the fish i caught took flight as soon as i saw my indicator go down.  They were taking dries but i could not figure out what dry to put on so i put on a bead head pheasant tail and that is the fly we caught all of our fish on.  After a few hours and after a realization that we were not going to catch anything big out of that river we drove down and fished the East Fork of the Duchesne for about an hour.  We caught a cutthroat that was about 12-13 inches long on a bead head pheasant tail and after that it was time to get home.  The North Fork had a lot less water than the East Fork did and there are a lot deeper holes on the East Fork.  If i had it all to do over again i would have fished the East Fork the whole time.

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