Friday, March 15, 2013

Little Dell Reservoir UT Fishing 3/15/2013

So we headed up to Little Dell Reservoir Friday afternoon because it was so close to Salt Lake and Jimmy and I were itching to do some fly fishing. It has been a rough winter for fishing :) So the reservoir is still frozen over except for a little open water at the East end where the water feeds in. It was softening up and it looked like the Ice would be off within the week. We tried the little open water the we had but had no luck. We did walk up the little creek that feeds the reservoir just to take a look and saw some fish and some nice little holes that looked good. But I guess the creek is closed to fishing until closer to the summer. Anyways here is the video that got us all worked up to try this place out haha! Thanks Guys I guess we needed to wait another week or two.


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