Saturday, December 29, 2012

Panguitch Lake Ice Fishing 12.29.2012

Nate and I headed up to Panguitch Lake on Sat Dec 29th 2012. We left St. George at about 5:45am and after a stop at Maverick we had everything setup and were fishing at about 8am. The guy in the tent next to us was hollering about every 10 mins "fish on!" So we knew fishing should be good. The ice had been on for at least a week and half maybe two. There was a good 6-8 inchs of ice.

Nate and I brought our HD action cameras to see if we could get some under water footage of the fish taking our jigs. We kind of goofed around the first little while too much so we were not catching any fish. We also learned that if you put your camera on broom stick and lower down into the water that it scares the fish away. Once we decide to take the camera out of the water we started getting some action. We were fishing with white tube jigs tipped with mil-worms at first we had some bites but it was hard to set the hook with large jigs. I did catch one or two on the white jigs but decide to switch to a smaller glow in dark jig and string the mil-worm all the way onto the hook up to the glow in the dark head, leaving a part of the work hanging off the back like a tail. After I did this I started catching a bunch. It was getting late but I ended up landing 7 or so in the last 2 hours. Nate unfortunately only caught 1, sorry Nate :(

Nate has some pics from the trip I just have this video of some of the footage that we were trying to get.

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