Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weber River Fishing Report- 11/8/12

Ken Hendrickson and I cruised on up to the honey hole on the "Weeb" on Thursday November 8th 2012. The weather was perfect, a little windy because it was the day before the huge snow storm hit the salt lake valley dumping 25 total inches of snow in 2 days.  We started throwing some egg patterns and sow bugs.  Caught a few on those but we had to switch it up throughout the day to keep catching fish.  We caught a lot of white fish, a few browns.  We also caught them on midges (zebra's, emergers, and even a few on the "merc").  Foul hooked a few with the egg pattern because they are pretty aggressive this time of year if your drift an egg pattern in their spawning beds. Water flows were still super low, i am amazed at how low the river is.  The fish are definitely hanging out in reds, we walked up on some toads chillin in about 6-8 in of water and watched their dorsal fins flutter through the water as we got closer.  Here is a pic of once the nice browns of the day, we didn't take a pic of any of the whitefish we caught, who wants to see whitefish anyways? right? A face only a mother could love...

-Jimmy Sorenson

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