Friday, July 13, 2012

Utah Brook Trout

Nate and I headed up to a small remote lake near Yankee Meadow Reservoir Friday afternoon. The lake is called Hendrickson Lake named after our ancestors :). It sits at 9200 ft in elevation and is a mile hike straight up for 1000 ft to get to it. They only stock Brookies and Nate and I have been itching to snag a few Brook Trout this summer and have not had the change until this weekend. Here are few pics from our Friday trip we got there at about 4pm and fished until dark. We were amazed that it didn't rain on us or snow since it had snowed an inch the day before in Brian Head and had been raining all morning in St. George.  We had really fun time it was Nates first time catching a Brook Trout.
Nates Biggest fish of the day or Night I should say it was getting dark?

Kens Biggest one of the day!

Those Pics above are the best we could do. Here are some pics of our trip starting from the trail head and then a few more pics of some of the fish that we caught. Most were pretty small maybe 10 to 12 inches but we each caught one that was about 15

Nates first ever Brook Trout!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a ball, nothing like slaying some brookies on a small mountain lake! Beautiful fish, wish ken and I knew about that place before we made the long journey up to the boulders to find brookies ha ha ha