Friday, November 18, 2011

Fremont River Utah Fishing Report Nov 18 2011

This trip we stay in a cabin near Torrey and fished the Fremont River. We paid the Fremont River guides to fish a stretch of the Fremont where supposedly it is supposed to be really good fishing for Browns. Well the trip ended up being a bust we didn't catch much at all but I guess still had fun.
 Jimmy doesn't look too happy haha he had been fishing for hours with no luck.

Nate caught a nice little brown. I caught a reallly nice one but couldn't find the pic. I think those were the only two fish we caught that day on the Fremont.

After we fished the Fremont in the morning we headed up to a small lake on the boulder called Pine Creek Lake after we hiked up to it we found out that it was pretty much frozen over. We punched a hole through the ice and looked down there but didn't see anything. I put a fly on and put it down the hole but didn't have any luck.

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