Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pine Creek Lake Utah Bld Mtn Sept 3 2011

I really wanted to go catch some pretty fish so my Dad and I decided to run up to Pine Creek Lake on the boulder. We fished a little beaver pond below Pine Creek Lake and I caught 2 little cuts. Then we hiked the rest of the way up to Pine Creek. I hike our little raft in because I wanted to make sure we were able to get around the whole lake and have a better chance of finding the fish. We ended up finding them all at the deepest part of the lake. We through tons of flies at them for about 1 and half until I figured out they really like brown wooly buggers with a little bit of green mixed in the tail. Once we found that out we ended up catching about 6 with then next hour and half. We caught some really pretty cuts and also Colorado Cut Throats.

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